Educational Components to a World Class School

Excellence in Academics

OLBPA believes that ALL of the students in Oakland can reach high levels of academic success. We will utilize a rigorous and standards based curriculum that actively engages all students in their learning, coupled with a data-driven instructional practice that ensures teachers and students are making real-time adjustments as needed to ensure every child is moving forward at his or her optimal trajectory.

Development of Character

OLBPA believes that students must be supported in developing a positive self-identity and self-esteem, to combat the destructive qualities too often modeled in the community and negative perceptions of their potential that are too often held by others of them.

Community Engagement

OLBPA believes that students need a safe and caring place in order to learn, and that the school must serve as an extended family. We will act on the belief that “it takes a village to raise a child,” leveraging student to student, student to teacher, and teacher to family relationships to ensure every child is known well and truly cared about and loved by our teachers and staff. For our most challenged students, a residence hall component will be added during the middle years.

Student Support

OLBPA believes that students must be supported academically, socially, and emotionally in order to achieve graduation and college and career success. OLBPA will partner with families, community based organizations, health professionals, and teachers to develop comprehensive support structures to promote the overall well-being of the student.

Adult Learners

OLBPA believes that the adults of our community must model and be held accountable to the same expectations we hold for our students. Professional development will support teachers and staff in constantly developing and accelerating their practice, and family workshops will support parents and guardians in understanding their child’s education as well as practices they can use in the home for their own developmen.

Engaging Parents

We believe that families are an integral part of their child’s education and that students will find greater value and relevance to their academic success when their home and school work in concert to support them. OLBPA will actively work to engage families, offering a variety of opportunities to become involved in the academic lives of their children, supporting families in knowing how to help their children with their education, and providing parent education and wrap around services to ensure the family unit has the support necessary to ensure student success.